What is the advantage of Fleefilo wallpaper?

Is the level of building materials technology really high? What is the advantage of Fleefilo wallpaper?

In recent years, the industry has developed rapidly. At present, the wallpaper market has been messed up by various cheap non-woven wallpapers known as imported base materials and imported inks. The so-called domestic processing of imported raw materials may not necessarily ensure environmental protection. Ordinary consumers have very few discrimination capabilities. Wallpaper has two most important aspects: one is environmental protection, and the other is practicality.


About safety
·Fire performance
The fire-resistant standards of our wallpapers are one of the most stringent fire-retardant standards in the world. All wallpapers have passed the fire prevention standard 1-2, whether it is in the home or office, or even shopping malls and shops with super high fire prevention standards, it can be used with confidence.

·Free formaldehyde emission standard

The F4 star standard is an internationally recognized very strict formaldehyde emission standard, which is much higher than the domestic and European and American E0, E1 and other related standards. All wallpapers are certified by the F4 star standard, and families with infants and young children can also use them with confidence.

About practicality
Wallpaper can provide one-on-one consulting services, and professionals will provide you with suggestions on wallpaper style selection and provide services such as the purchase plan for the required number of m.
According to the size of the construction area, the pattern data can be divided and output, and the wallpaper that best meets your expectations will be provided to you after careful tailoring. While taking this approach, the number of duplicate and spare wallpapers can be reduced to a minimum, effectively controlling costs. Even if the construction is carried out on site, there is no need to consider repeated pasting. If you have unique requirements for the size of the pattern and wallpaper construction surface, we will calculate the number of wallpaper meters that meet your requirements, and use the efficient segmentation method to provide the most suitable wallpaper size for the wallpaper pattern.

Who says that practicality and safety cannot be compromised?
Whether it is practicality or safety performance, Fleefilo wallpapers are far beyond the industry standard, continuously providing consumers with the highest quality products and services! You who are pursuing perfection, come and experience the quality from you!