Tip 1: design and interface

To identify the quality of the wallpaper, first look at whether the color of the wallpaper surface is even, whether there is color difference, bleeding, blurring, etc., usually the clearer the pattern, the better; secondly, the number of weaves and fineness, mainly for non-woven fabrics and For wall coverings, you must look at the front and back. Generally, the higher the surface texture density, the better the quality.

In addition, you can see the interface of the wallpaper through the sample of the wallpaper store. Generally, the interface of paper wallpaper is poor, and if you turn over the interface, it will wear and fluff.


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Tip 2: feel and toughness

Some people think that the thicker the wallpaper, the better, and industry insiders say this is a misunderstanding. The quality of wallpaper is mainly related to paper quality, craftsmanship and toughness, and has no direct relationship with thickness. When identifying wallpaper by hand, the most important thing is to look at the feel and toughness, especially flocked wallpaper, which is the easiest to feel the difference between good and bad. Generally, the softer and comfortable the hand feel, the better the quality and the stronger the flexibility.


Fleefilo Mural Wallpaper Tropical Leaves Prints

Tip 3: Poor quality wallpaper has a peculiar smell

In addition, the real environmentally friendly wallpaper is tasteless, but if it is made of inferior materials, it will have a pungent odor, which can be smelled if you touch it closely.


Tip 4: test abrasion and dirt resistance

The wear resistance and stain resistance of the wallpaper is also a point that cannot be ignored. It is recommended that consumers can draw a few pictures on the paper with a pencil and then use an eraser during the purchase process. Generally, high-end high-quality wallpapers are easy to use even if the surface has uneven textures. Wipe clean, but if it is a low-quality wallpaper, it is easy to wipe or not wipe clean.


Fleefilo Mural Wallpaper Tropical Leaves Prints

Tip 5: test for waterproof and mildew resistance

Because the wallpaper is paper, many people are worried about its waterproof effect. You can try to pour a drop of water on the wallpaper. If the water has not penetrated after waiting for 2~3 minutes, it means that this wallpaper is waterproof, otherwise it means the wallpaper The water resistance is not enough.


Fleefilo Mural Wallpaper Tropical Leaves Prints